Editorial Boards Nationwide Call for Biden to Resign Amid Performance Concerns

President Joe Biden, already struggling to keep up, is now facing a storm of calls for his resignation from national editorial boards. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The New York Times are just a couple of the media outlets urging Biden, who at 81 years old seems to be showing signs of cognitive decline, to step down for the country's good.

After a disastrous debate performance against former President Donald Trump, where Biden failed to make any coherent points about his plans for a second term or his record in office, the pressure has mounted. The AJC noted that Biden’s series of gaffes, including confusing details about his late son and making false claims about healthcare, only added to the concerns about his fitness for office.

Drawing a parallel to George Washington voluntarily stepping down after two terms, the AJC called for Biden to do the same and retire gracefully. They emphasized the urgent need for Biden to make way for a more competent candidate, as even the left-leaning American Jewish Committee has doubts about his ability to beat Trump in the upcoming election.

While acknowledging the challenges of legally removing a sitting president, the editorial board suggested that the Democratic Party has plenty of alternatives to choose from. They painted a picture of a dignified exit for Biden, should he choose to heed the calls for his resignation and bow out of the race, thereby preserving his legacy and honor.

In the face of mounting pressure, it remains to be seen whether Biden will choose to cling to power or follow the advice of those urging him to step down and let someone more capable take the reins.

Written by Staff Reports

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