Trump Leads Biden by 4 Points in Pennsylvania Polls

It looks like Pennsylvania is ready to spark some fireworks come election time. Brace yourselves, folks, because according to a fresh Cygnal poll, former President Donald Trump is outpacing President Joe Biden by a whopping 4 percentage points in the Keystone State. Who said lightning doesn’t strike twice?

Remember when Pennsylvania went blue in 2020, handing back the keys to the White House to the Democrats? That was after Trump turned it red in 2016, of course. Many thought Biden had cemented his hold on the state after Dems swept the gubernatorial and Senate races in 2022. But the latest polls suggest that Pennsylvania might be gearing up for another red wave straight out of the Trump playbook.

Biden’s numbers are not just dwindling; they’re nose-diving. Trump’s net favorability has skyrocketed to 45%, leaving Biden choking on his dust at a measly 39%. It gets even worse for the current president when considering that a gruesome 60% of voters view him unfavorably. Ouch! To add salt to the wound, a staggering 74.5% are casting a thumbs down on Biden among those all-important swing voters, while Trump’s unfavorable rating with the same group lingers at a less terrifying 61.9%.

Polling in June already had Trump leading Biden in Pennsylvania, but the latest numbers gathered at the end of July show Trump reaching his widest margin yet. When looking at a head-to-head matchup, Trump pulls in 48% of the vote compared to Biden’s 44%. And even with more candidates thrown into the circus, Trump still takes the lead with 42% over Biden’s 38%. It’s almost as if Pennsylvania voters are handing Trump the megaphone to chant “Make Pennsylvania Red Again.”

Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room – the favorability ratings. Swing voters have made their disdain for Biden loud and clear, turning their backs on him in droves. Their patience seems to have worn thin, especially on issues like inflation, the economy, illegal immigration, and border security – areas where Trump’s policies have historically shined brighter in their eyes.

The Biden camp is in crisis after the president’s recent debate debacle. In the land of politics, debates are the battlegrounds where confidence and sharpness are key. Biden stumbled badly, raising more eyebrows about his mental fitness for the highest office in the land. Reports suggest his family is keen on having him stay in the race, but given the current state of affairs, they might want to rethink that advice.

In summary, Pennsylvania is preparing for a rerun of the Trump show. The good people of the Keystone State are ready to flip back to red, come what may. Let’s see how the Democrats plan to clean up this mess. If they even can.

Written by Staff Reports

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