Elite Colleges Replace History with Hymns to Swift!

The liberal loonies are at it again! Harvard University, UC Berkeley, and the University of Florida are all set to offer courses on none other than the pop star Taylor Swift – yes, you read that right, the same jet-setting, climate change activist who proudly backs the Democrats. It’s enough to make any conservative’s head spin!

At Harvard, Professor Stephanie L. Burt, a “diehard Swiftie,” will be teaching a new course called “Taylor Swift and Her World.” Students will actually get college credit for diving deep into Swift’s lyrics, music, and influence. Can you believe that? Instead of learning about our founding fathers, students will be dissecting Swift’s catalog and reading a bunch of authors that Professor Burt thinks are relevant to understanding Swift’s so-called “artistry.” Give me a break!

But it doesn’t stop there. UC Berkeley and the University of Florida are jumping on the Taylor Swift bandwagon too. At UC Berkeley, they’re offering a for-credit course called “Artistry & Entrepreneurship: Taylor’s Version,” led by a UC Berkeley graduate who wants to address the alleged “stereotypical critiques” of Swift. And at the University of Florida, they’ll be obsessing over Swift’s discography and drawing parallels between her lyrics and works by other famous female artists. Sounds like liberal indoctrination 101 to me!

And get this – this isn’t the first time Swift has been the inspiration for new college courses. Stanford University, Arizona State University, New York University, University of Texas at Austin, and even a university in Belgium have all hopped on the Swift train. It’s like the liberal elite are trying to brainwash our youth with the cult of Taylor Swift!

It’s truly shameful to see our institutions of higher learning prioritizing the study of a pop star’s lyrics over important subjects like American history and economic principles. It’s just more proof that the liberal agenda has infected our education system. If only these universities would focus on teaching students the values of hard work, individual responsibility, and love for their country instead of pushing this nonsense. It’s time to put a stop to this liberal madness before it infects any more of our beloved universities!

Written by Staff Reports

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