Pro-Hamas Radicals Hijack Christmas Tree Lighting; A New Low for Biden’s America?

The Capitol Police found themselves compelled to intervene and remove the pro-Hamas protesters who shamelessly disrupted the National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. These individuals have a track record of causing chaos and promoting their radical ideology.

In a startling video captured by freelance journalist Andrew Leyden, the arrests were documented for all to witness. The protesters audaciously shouted slogans such as "ceasefire now," attempting to spoil a ceremony dedicated to the birth of Jesus Christ. It's undeniably disgraceful.

Just last month, we witnessed another instance of pro-Palestine protesters causing trouble when they clashed with police and surrounded the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters, leading to the evacuation of top Democratic lawmakers. This raises questions about why these protesters are so determined to disrupt our democratic processes and undermine our elected officials.

Law enforcement faced significant challenges as they tried to prevent unauthorized access to the building and maintain order. They had to physically restrain these violent protesters who showed no regard for the rule of law.

And the disruptions continued. In another incident, pro-Palestinian protesters flooded Grand Central Station, attempting to breach doors and tear down American flags. It's evident that these individuals have no respect for our country or its values.

To add insult to injury, anti-Israel demonstrators recently took over a senator’s office, demanding an immediate ceasefire in Israel’s fight against Hamas. The audacity to occupy a senator’s office and disrupt official proceedings is truly outrageous.

It's worth noting that the group behind these protests, Jewish Voice for Peace, has been labeled "anti-Israel" by the Anti-Defamation League. Despite this, they continue to organize disruptive actions without facing repercussions. Imagine if MAGA or America First supporters had done the same at the Capitol—they would likely be labeled as insurrectionists and jailed.

A recent survey found that a staggering three-quarters of Palestinians support the deadly attacks carried out by Hamas, with almost as many desiring a Palestinian state "from the river to the sea." These findings underscore the dangerous and radical views held by these protesters.

In a symbolic conclusion to this display of radicalism, it appears that the hot air emanating from the protesters’ chants knocked down the National Christmas Tree. It serves as a metaphor for the state of our country under the Biden administration—marked by chaos and disrespect for our traditions.

These pro-Hamas protesters and their disruptive actions pose a threat to our democracy and the values we hold dear. It's time for law enforcement and our elected officials to take a stand against this radicalism and ensure that those who seek to undermine our nation are held accountable.






Written by Staff Reports

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