Elon Musk Clowns AOC in Her Ridicuous Attack on his Twitter Policy

In response to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's accusation that he had tampered with her Twitter account, Elon Musk took a jab at the New York representative.

AOC, a Democrat from New York, accused Musk of intentionally stopping her Twitter account from working properly after she criticized his plan to charge $8 a month for account verification.

Musk joked that the allegation was an abuse of power.

According to AOC, she noticed a glitch after she had attended a community event in the Bronx earlier this week. After returning home, she received a message from her team asking if she needed help. She then opened her Twitter app and noticed that it had disappeared. She just saw a blank screen and she thought it was weird.

She then claimed that she had gotten under the skin of Musk, who she referred to as the "little billionaire."

On Twitter, AOC that her notifications and mentions had stopped working after she had exchanged barbs with Musk.

While she was having a look at the situation, she noted that people should pay $8 for an app to get blocked after they make a statement that they don't like. She then posted a photo of her app's blank notification page.

In response to a meme that showed an upset-looking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez next to a Tesla, Musk responded with a laughing emoji. She said earlier this year that she had owned a Tesla and wanted to get rid of it.

Musk and the representative had then gotten into a Twitter feud. After announcing that he would be charging $8 a month for account verification, the new Twitter CEO said that the service would be offering a variety of perks. Some of these include the ability to post longform videos and fewer ads.

Musk responded to AOC saying that that her feedback was appreciated, and said she should now pay $8.

Twitter started a wave of layoffs on Friday, and it is expected to lay off around half of its workforce.

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