What if Biden Announces He Wont’ Run in 2024? What will Liberals Do Next…

The results of the US midterm elections will have a huge impact on the future of Joe Biden's presidency. It will also help determine if he'll run for president in 2024.

Even though a new president's party usually loses in the elections, Biden will still be under scrutiny.

Two weeks ago, Biden and his advisers said that he plans on running for president in 2024. The White House also expected him to run.

Some Democrats believe that a big loss for the party would be a rebuke of Biden's presidency. It would also put increasing pressure on him to step down.

According to Thomas Alan Schwartz, a historian at Vanderbilt University, the results of the elections could be a turning point in the presidential race. He said that if the Democrats lose, Biden might have to step down from his position in 2024.


If Biden were to step aside, the next big question is who the Dems might choose to replace him with for 2024. A few candidates come to mind…

According to Democratic officials, Kamala Harris, the current Vice President, is the party's top alternate candidate. Most polls show that she's second to Biden, and she's ahead of other prominent names.

Despite her high approval ratings, Harris's numbers have started to show signs of decline. Her poor performance in the presidential race and her lack of policy success as the vice president have raised doubts about her ability to defeat a Republican candidate.

Michelle Obama, a favorite of the left, has no plans of running.

There are three prominent Democratic governors from states that are heavily blue have already reached out to potential donors and staff members.

These include Gavin Newsom of California, JB Pritzker of Illinois, and Phil Murphy of New Jersey. None of these governors would face off against Biden in a primary.

A Democratic official said that Gavin Newsom had told people that he wouldn't be running against Harris or Biden. He noted that this could change if he decides to run.

According to Open Secrets, a non-profit organization that keeps track of political contributions, over 20 prominent Democrats have already raised more than $600 million for their potential presidential campaign. Some of these include Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Bernie Sanders.

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