Kamala Could do THIS to Remove Biden and Take Over as President

It's time for the country to talk about President Joe Biden's mental health. In addition to walking off speeches, Biden often gets confused when he gives them. He also seems to have a hard time remembering what he's saying.

This is not unusual behavior for people who are older. Biden is 80 years old this month. His mental capacity and expectations are different from those of other people.

Will the 25th Amendment be Invoked on Biden?

The 25th amendment was proposed by Congress in 1965. It was then ratified by the states in 1967. According to Article II, Section I, the vice president will take over the powers and duties of the presidency in the event that the president is unable to serve. However, this Article does not clearly define what “inability” means.

It was created in the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination and was created after Congress made it more specific when it comes to transferring power.

The 25th Amendment consists of four sections. The first one states that the vice president will become the president if the president resigns or dies. The second one provides a list of people who would be the next vice president.

Section three of the 25th Amendment provides that the president can give the vice president his or her powers if he or she is incapacitated.

This provision allows the vice president to take over the powers and duties of the presidency in the event that the president is unable to perform his or her duties.

It's unlikely that President Kamala Harris would take the drastic measure of enforcing the 25th. It's more likely that Democrats would try to convince Biden not to run for re-election. The 25th Amendment could be used as a way to encourage him to agree.

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