Ex-Capitol Police Chief Spills on Pelosi Stalling National Guard Deployment

A recent interview between Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund and Tucker Carlson revealed shocking details about the events of January 6th and the role of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. This interview is a must-watch for all Americans who want to know the truth.

One of the most alarming revelations from Sund was that intelligence agencies had information about the potential danger of January 6th, but failed to share it with him. Despite the FBI, DHS, and the military having intel suggesting something more than a peaceful rally was planned, Sund was left in the dark. This failure to pass on critical information doesn’t make any sense, and raises serious questions about the actions of these agencies.

Additionally, Sund shed light on Pelosi’s role in the events of that day. The law required Sund to seek approval from the Capitol Police Board before bringing in the National Guard, and he was denied twice before January 6th due to concerns about “optics.” Sund contacted House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving on the day of the attack, urgently requesting permission to bring in the National Guard, but Irving deferred the decision to Pelosi. This delay in approving assistance is unacceptable, especially considering the severity of the situation and the fact that Sund was actively communicating the urgency of the need for help.

Furthermore, Sund revealed that there was resistance from a general in the Pentagon about sending in the National Guard due to concerns about “optics.” Sund had to plead with the general, emphasizing that lives were at stake. The fact that protecting the Capitol and its officers took a backseat to “optics” is deeply troubling and shows a failure in leadership.

The interview also raised questions about the presence of federal agents or informants in the crowd. Sund was unaware of any specific individuals, but noted that plainclothes individuals are often present at events like these. However, he was never informed about any such presence by the FBI or other agencies.

Sund’s account of the events on January 6th paints a picture of chaos, miscommunication, and a lack of proper response. It is disheartening to hear that the January 6th Committee has not addressed these failures and unanswered questions. The American people deserve the truth, and it is disconcerting that the liberal media seems uninterested in uncovering it.

In conclusion, the interview with Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund provides crucial insights into the events of January 6th and raises serious concerns about the actions of intelligence agencies, Nancy Pelosi, and other leadership figures. It is imperative that we seek answers and hold those responsible accountable for their failures.

Written by Staff Reports

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