Explosive Reveal: The Forbidden Topics That They Don’t Want You to Write About!

Once again, with the assistance of the federal government, the biassed and liberal-controlled giant tech platforms are stifling crucial news and violating our First Amendment rights. This time, the issue is climate change, which the left is using as an excuse to curtail our freedoms and redistribute wealth. The Biden administration is complicit in this plot by attempting to outlaw our gas-powered household appliances, requiring us to drive expensive, unreliable electric cars, and squandering vast sums of government money on unproductive, globalist climate agreements.

However, the censoring goes beyond climate change. Election irregularities, voter fraud, the COVID-19 pandemic, COVID-19 vaccination adverse effects and coverups, preventing biological men from entering women's sports and spaces, and even the horrifying problem of child sex trafficking are just a few of the issues that are highlighted and demonetized. It's absurd that these platforms have the power to control what information the general people can view and discuss.

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Don't let the liberal tech oligopolies dictate the story, then. Defend free speech by becoming a Townhall VIP member right away. We can combat the censorship and ensure that the truth triumphs if we band together. Thank you to all the VIP members who are defending our constitutional rights and preserving media.

Written by Staff Reports

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