DeSantis Board Slams Disney Lawsuit as Ploy to Suppress Florida’s Will

Disney’s lawsuit against the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District board and Gov. Ron DeSantis is facing opposition from both parties. The board and DeSantis have filed responses arguing that the lawsuit should be dismissed. According to the board, Disney’s actions were meant to “frustrate the will of the People of Florida.” The board and DeSantis believe that the lawsuit is baseless and should not proceed.

As a conservative republican news writer, it’s clear to see that Disney is simply trying to use its power and influence to push back against government decisions it doesn’t agree with. This is an example of a massive corporation taking advantage of our legal system to protect its own interests. It’s refreshing to see the board and DeSantis standing up to this type of behavior. They are defending the will of the people and the decisions made by elected representatives. Let’s hope the court sees through Disney’s attempts and dismisses the lawsuit.

Written by Staff Reports

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