Exposed: Biden’s Bank Account Gets Boost From Chinese Cash!

In a damning video released on Wednesday by House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, the potential impeachment of President Joe Biden just became a lot more plausible. Comer, the Kentucky Republican leading the GOP investigation into the Biden family’s questionable finances, drew a direct connection between money from communist China and Biden’s bank account. He also raised concerns about possible foreign blackmail of the president.

Comer referenced a notorious 2017 WhatsApp exchange between Hunter Biden and an associate of CEFC, a Chinese energy company with close ties to the ruling Communist Party. In the exchange, Hunter demanded $10 million from the company, suggesting that Joe Biden’s political influence would be used as a weapon if his demand was not met.

In the video, Comer revealed that $40,000 in laundered money from China had ended up in Joe Biden’s bank account in the form of a personal check. The video included a money trail from CEFC through companies owned or controlled by Hunter Biden and his uncle James Biden, ultimately leading to the check written to Joe Biden. While it’s possible that the payment was a loan repayment, it still raises questions about Biden benefiting from his family’s financial dealings with China.

Comer pointed out that the Biden family’s involvement with the Chinese company began when Joe Biden was still vice president. By accepting funds from a company linked to the Chinese Communist Party, Biden exposed himself to potential blackmail and put his own financial interests ahead of America’s. This new evidence gives a significant boost to the House impeachment inquiry already underway.

The House Oversight Committee is determined to continue following the money and hold President Biden accountable for his alleged corruption. While Democratic district attorneys and special counsel pursue politically motivated cases against former President Trump, House investigators are building a case against Biden and his family that involves serious crimes and implications. Americans should pay close attention, as there may be more revelations to come.

Written by Staff Reports

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