Exposed: Committee Caught Faking Jan 6th Footage, Hired ABC Producer for Drama

Just the News reporter, John Solomon, has released unedited footage of the January 6 protest, which demonstrates how the footage presented by the January 6 Select Committee was doctored. The apparently innocuous and unremarkable footage of January 6 protests was presented in Congress, showing ordinary protesters demonstrating outside the Capitol. However, a closer analysis of the footage highlighted that the committee had overlaid the sound of protesters shouting “go, go, go” on top of the noises of breaking glass and loud bangs, making the demonstration appear more violent than it was.

Solomon shared the original, unedited footage that proved conclusively that the footage presented was doctored and presented in a misleading manner. The footage originally had no sound. Additionally, the committee doctored the audio on an overhead shot, complete with an angry mob to create a sensational and dramatized effect. This evidence is no longer accurate and can only be considered propaganda.

The latest footage also revealed the work of James Goldston, a former ABC News producer hired by the committee to spice up the footage. Goldston was supposed to help create a “blockbuster investigative special,” which would portray the events of January 6 in a particular light. This revelation implies that the committee was interested in creating sensationalism rather than looking for the truth, which is unacceptable.

The release of this footage is not the first of its kind. Earlier, Solomon had released footage, showing Nancy Pelosi evacuating the building alongside a documentary filmmaker. Pelosi’s daughter recorded the event for dramatic effect. This footage and other revelations may conjure up fears that the January 6 Committee is not interested in seeking the truth but is instead motivated by other factors such as political gain.

The real evidence of what happened on January 6 remains opaque, and it is essential that lawmakers provide the American people with the truth unadulterated by any agenda. It should not be shocking to see political leaders trying to push propaganda for their gain. Americans must be vigilant and demand transparency and openness from their lawmakers, and they should never be misled with sensationalized propaganda.

Written by Staff Reports

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