San Francisco Sued for Racial Bias in Income Programs: BREAKING the Law?

In a clear violation of the Constitution, the city of San Francisco and several government entities have been sued for their discriminatory guaranteed income programs that favor different races, according to a press release by Californians for Equal Rights Foundation (CFER). The group has challenged four government programs that provide routine basic income solely to individuals based on their race, including the Abundant Birth Project, Guaranteed Income for Trans People (GIFT), Guaranteed Income Pilot for Artists (GIPA), and Black Economic Equity Movement (BEEM).

It’s quite clear that race-based preferential treatment violates the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and California’s state constitution. In fact, in 2020, 9.65 million Californian voters rejected racial preferences by voting down Prop. 16, but the progressive city of San Fransisco seems to be ignoring the law and following their own agenda, said a spokesperson for CFER.

CFER has rightfully pursued legal action, as the state’s constitution clearly prohibits public agencies from treating individuals differently based on race, which is exactly what San Francisco’s entities are implementing under the guise of equity. The American Civil Rights Project is representing CFER and individual taxpayers who have joined the lawsuit, and we are proud to support this historic legal challenge to safeguard equal treatment as a lead plaintiff.

It’s outrageous that in a country where we are supposed to be equal under the law, government entities are providing race-specific income programs, discriminating against individuals who don’t fit a specific demographic of color. We cannot stand for this unacceptable behavior from our government officials, and it’s time for the law to be enforced.

Written by Staff Reports

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