Failed Plea Deal Exposes Hunter’s Suspected Courtroom Fraud Fiasco

The official court transcript from Hunter Biden’s foiled plea agreement hearing in Delaware has been released, and boy oh boy, does it seem like there was some attempted fraud going on! RedState’s Jennifer Van Laar went through the transcript with a fine-tooth comb to uncover all the juicy details. And let me tell you, it’s quite the show.

According to Van Laar’s analysis, the US Attorney’s office was playing some serious games with the system. They hid the agreement to not charge various things related to the tax case in the Diversion Agreement, instead of the Memorandum of Plea. This sneaky move changes the type of plea it is under the FRCP and limits the judge’s role in the case. Oh, they really tried to tie the judge’s hands on this one.

But this judge ain’t no fool. She caught on to their game and questioned whether she should reject the plea on grounds that she doesn’t fully understand it. She wanted some more information, but the US Attorney’s office was trying to keep her in the dark. Talk about shady!

And it gets even worse. Van Laar found that the US Attorney’s office, led by Weiss, was essentially trying to bury the immunity in the Diversion Agreement and force the judge to accept it. They didn’t want her to rule on the Diversion Agreement at all. It’s like they were saying, “Sorry, judge, but we’ve already made up our minds. Tough luck!” Absolutely disgraceful.

But fear not, dear readers. This judge is not one to be fooled. She saw right through their trickery and didn’t give them an inch. And Van Laar is loving every minute of it. She’s laughing at the US Attorney trying to “used car salesman” his way out of this mess. And she’s cheering on the judge for calling him out on it. It’s truly a sight to behold.

So buckle up, folks, because this Hunter Biden saga is far from over. And if Van Laar’s analysis is any indication, there’s a whole lot of drama and deceit to come. Stay tuned, conservatives, because this is a story that just keeps on giving. And it’s not looking good for Hunter Biden or his legal team.

Written by Staff Reports

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