Fairfax School Board Ignores 84% of Parents, Pushes Left-Wing Agenda in Sex-Ed Class

Another episode of WTF is unfolding in the strange world of the Fairfax County School Board. This isn't the first time we've seen them act like this. They've been known to go rogue, such as by labeling school board members as Marines and forcing students to participate in a game of "Identify Your Privilege."

The school board of Fairfax County is ignoring the wishes of 84 percent of parents, who are not in favor of teaching about gender identity in sex education classes. In response, Michelle Reid, the school superintendent, said that the majority doesn't always dictate what's taught in schools.

The radical left is bent on destroying our children's bodies, mutilating them in the name of gender identity affirmation. They want to make biological males the dominant force in women's sports, and they're only inclusive of people who share their radical beliefs.

Tony Sabio, a candidate for the school board of Fairfax County, stated that the actions of the school board show that they don't care about the concerns of the parents. He claims that 84 percent of the residents feel that their voices are not being heard, yet the school board has its own agenda and will do anything to enforce it.

Karl Frisch, a member of the school board, dismissed the results of the survey, claiming that there were multiple people who submitted multiple responses. He's trying to distract from the issue at hand, and he's using whataboutism to try and obscure the concerns of the parents.

Melani Meren, a school board member, made an absurd argument regarding the teaching of "other genders" in sex-ed courses. She claimed that it's just biology to teach this subject. Shouldn't parents be allowed to decide what their kids learn?

The incident highlights the state of the public education system in Fairfax County. The school board is more concerned with advancing their radical leftist agenda than with listening to the concerns of their constituents. Vladimir Lenin once said that, if you give a child five years of their life, they will become your property. It seems that the school board is following suit.

As conservative Christians, we won't stand for this. We will fight to ensure that our kids receive the proper education, and they don’t get exposed to radical ideologies.

If you live in Fairfax County, and you have a child in the fourth grade, then you should start looking for other options when it comes to public education. The school board has to wake up, and it's time for them to start listening to the concerns of their constituents.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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