Royal Scam: Meghan & Harry’s Podcast Flop Exposes Their Worthless Deals

In yet another example of the media’s selective attention, the unraveling of highly-touted stories and projects often goes unnoticed. Just like the removal of Aunt Jemima from store shelves during the 2020 BLM protests, Meghan Markle’s failed podcast venture on Spotify has received little coverage. While the press couldn’t stop gushing about her $20 million podcast deal and the promise of a new podcast syndicate from the pariah royals, the reality is quite different.

Despite the hype, Meghan’s podcast, Archetypes, managed barely a dozen episodes. After taking more than six months to even hire a director for their podcast company, Archwell Audio, the Markles finally released their first episode in August 2022. The lack of content production meant that the royals were paid significantly less than what was originally announced.

As news of the end of their Spotify deal broke, famed sportscaster and Spotify executive Bill Simmons couldn’t help but share his frustration with the couple. He sarcastically referred to them as “The F***ing Grifters” and revealed that Harry had approached him for podcast ideas, including interviewing Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. It seems Harry wanted to follow in Meghan’s footsteps by framing the discussions around his own experiences, but he never managed to produce a single show for Spotify.

But it gets worse. It turns out that even when Meghan did produce episodes, she didn’t actually speak with her guests in some cases. Instead, a producer conducted the interviews, and Meghan’s questions and comments were later edited into the discussion to give the impression that she had been actively involved. This revelation further exposes the empty facade of the Royal Couple Mystique.

If their failed podcast deal wasn’t enough, the Markles also seemed to struggle with their production contract with Netflix. Despite signing a lucrative $100 million deal in 2020, little has been shown for it. Apart from a self-centered documentary series about themselves, there is a lack of substantial content. Their show about athletes competing in Harry’s Invictus Games never materialized, and Meghan’s animated program, “Pearl,” was canceled by Netflix.

It’s clear that this content-free couple is incapable of actually producing meaningful content. The hype and media attention they receive are simply smoke and mirrors. Their lack of productivity raises questions about why they continue to be celebrated by the media and given lucrative deals when they consistently fail to deliver.

It’s about time the media stops falling for the Royal Sham and starts holding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry accountable for their lack of substance. The public deserves better than empty promises and empty pockets.

Written by Staff Reports

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