Farmers’ Protest: Fake Video Fiasco Exposed

Buckle up, folks, because it’s time for another wild ride through the world of biased journalism! Today we have a doozy of a story that exposes yet another Facebook video that has been falsely linked to the noble farmers’ protest in India. Can you believe it? Fake news strikes again!

So, according to our esteemed fact checker, Christine Sellers (and we use that term loosely), this video that was circulating on Facebook claims to show a modified tractor being used at the “Delhi Chalo” protest. But wait for it…Verdict: False! Plot twist! This video has absolutely nothing to do with the protest. In fact, it was originally shared on Instagram by a Turkish outlet. Talk about a case of mistaken identity!

Now, let’s dive into the rabbit hole of this outrageous claim. Apparently, some people have been saying that these so-called “poor farmers” are demanding unrealistic things from the Indian government while riding around in their fancy modified tractors. Can you believe the audacity? These farmers should be grateful they even have tractors, let alone expecting pensions and fair crop prices. It’s clear that this whole protest is just a politically motivated attack against the beloved Modi government.

But here’s the kicker – the video in question is not even connected to the protest! Shocking, I know. According to India Today, the video can be traced back to the Instagram post by Ortakoy Haberim, a Turkish outlet. So, not only is this video completely unrelated to the protest, but it also came from a foreign source. How’s that for some spicy international fake news?

And just to drive the point home, our fact checker mentions that neither Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi nor the Ministry of External Affairs has commented on the video. Case closed, am I right? If it was truly important and connected to the protest, you’d think they would have something to say. But I guess they’re too busy running the country to worry about some random Instagram video.

In conclusion, dear readers, we’ve once again been duped by the liberal media and their false narratives. This so-called “fact check” is nothing more than an attempt to discredit the hardworking farmers of India and undermine the Modi government. But fear not, true conservatives, because we won’t be fooled. Let’s stick together and continue to stand up for the truth, no matter how many biased fact checkers try to bring us down. Stay strong!

Written by Staff Reports

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