FBI Foils Violent Plot by Trans ‘Nazi’ Ignored by Media

Last week, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) captured a potential transgender shooter who planned to commit a mass shooting targeting those who opposed transgender individuals. The FBI’s slow apprehension of the shooter came after discovering that the individual, who identifies as a “Nazi dominatrix,” had been posting racist and antisemitic content on social media targeting African Americans, Jews, and immigrants.

Notably, the few media outlets that covered the arrest chose to emphasize the shooter’s white nationalist ideology while downplaying their “trans”-motivated desire to commit violence. Both The Oregonian and CourtWatch referred to the shooter as an “Oregon woman.”

The suspect, Elizabeth Ballesteros West, formerly known as Francisco Frank Paramo, from Cottage Grove, Oregon, was charged with “interstate threatening communications” by the U.S. Justice Department (DOJ).

According to a 23-page affidavit, the FBI received an anonymous tip on September 26, reporting West’s threats to carry out a mass shooting at their workplace due to perceived “transphobia.” In a post to a Facebook “transwoman” support group, West expressed feeling bullied and threatened by coworkers and indicated an intention to go out in a “blaze of glory.” The post was accompanied by a photo showing two firearms.

Despite first appearing on the FBI’s radar in September, West was not arrested until January, following months of monitoring social media activity. During this period, the FBI engaged in conversations with West, and the suspect also met with agents at a coffee shop.

In subsequent interviews, West claimed to be dealing with gender “transitioning” and expressed frustration regarding a transgender person receiving government-funded gender reassignment surgery while West was unable to afford the procedure. West, who reported struggling with mental health issues, also mentioned researching methods of suicide, including a monk’s self-immolation.

Additionally, a close associate of West informed the FBI about their history of violence, including an incident in which West allegedly placed a shotgun in their father’s mouth and pulled the trigger, and another incident involving Russian roulette.

The FBI discovered that West had a stockpile of nearly 30 guns, “tens of thousands of rounds” of ammunition, and disturbing drawings in a journal depicting violent fantasies involving the suspect as “The Man SlayerQueen of the Underworld.”

Further investigation revealed West’s neo-Nazi affiliations, attendance at neo-Nazi rallies, and hateful rhetoric posted on social media platforms. The FBI also uncovered West’s use of racial slurs and antisemitic remarks, as well as their admiration for Adolf Hitler.

Ultimately, West was apprehended and charged with “interstate threatening communications,” potentially facing fines or imprisonment up to five years if convicted.

Notably, the mugshot of the suspect is not publicly accessible due to an Oregon law that restricts the release of booking photos unless the individual has been convicted, hindering transparency and accurate reporting on criminal activity.

In the past, West had accused a former employer of discrimination based on gender identity, claiming that their termination was a result of being transgender, despite the company’s assurance of support.

This case highlights the concerning intersection of mental health issues, extremist ideologies, and the potential for violent behavior, underscoring the need for vigilance and preventive measures to ensure public safety.

Written by Staff Reports

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