Jill’s “Hunter High” Faux Pas Amidst Son’s Scandal Storm!

First lady Jill Biden made a visit to a high school in Utah and it seems like the organizers didn’t do their homework because the optics were not in her favor. She spoke at Hunter High School, but this raised eyebrows and had people talking on social media. The connection was made to her stepson, Hunter Biden, whose struggles with drug use have been well-documented. The irony of her speaking under a banner that said “Hunter High” was not lost on many people.

Despite the awkward backdrop, Jill Biden focused on the positive during her visit, advocating for her husband’s re-election campaign and touting his achievements in addressing mental health and academic needs of students, passing bipartisan gun safety laws, and advocating for loan forgiveness for public servants, including educators. The first lady emphasized the importance of education and learning, but she didn’t address the elephant in the room – the connection with Hunter High and her stepson’s troubled past.

Speaking of Hunter Biden, the president’s son has been in the news recently, facing felony gun charges and a potential contempt of Congress citation. Last week, he made a surprise appearance at the U.S. Capitol and was bombarded with questions about his past drug use. The media attention surrounding Hunter’s struggles has raised concerns and brought unwanted attention to the Biden family.

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Written by Staff Reports

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