FBI Lies Feed Hunter Biden Cover-Up: Weiss Duped, Giuliani Targeted

In yet another stunning revelation that will leave any conservative scratching their heads, it appears that U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who is now special counsel, may have been spoonfed lies about Hunter Biden’s investigation. The Federalist, always a beacon of truth in a sea of liberal lies, published an exclusive from Margot Cleveland that exposes the FBI’s deceitful actions.

Thanks to the hard work of The Heritage Foundation and their freedom of information act (FOIA) lawsuit, emails were obtained that reveal the lies leaked to The New York Times. These lies were included in an article that sought to shift the focus from Hunter Biden’s questionable activities to Rudy Giuliani. It’s like a game of political hot potato, and it’s the American people who are getting burned.

Now, you might be wondering, what’s the big deal? Well, let this sink in: The New York Times article is still up, and there have been ZERO corrections made. It’s like they think they can just peddle their fake news without consequence. But we see through their charade.

Margot Cleveland did some top-notch reporting, highlighting the falsehoods and deceptive narratives scattered throughout The New York Times article. It’s clear as day that they were trying to paint the investigation into Hunter Biden as politically motivated and lacking merit. It’s despicable how coordinated these media attacks against conservatives can be.

But here’s the kicker: Rudy Giuliani had nothing to do with the damning evidence against Hunter Biden. Nope, not a single thing. It was actually provided by a “highly credible” FBI confidential human source (CHS). Whistleblowers and former Attorney General Bill Barr have confirmed this. So, why did The New York Times try to make Giuliani the scapegoat? It’s just another example of the liberal media’s smear campaign against anyone associated with conservatism.

The recently obtained emails shed light on the shady way in which the false narrative made its way to Weiss. The FBI’s Office of Public Affairs’ National Press Office emailed a link to The Times article, which was then forwarded to various FBI offices, eventually reaching Weiss and his top deputies. The information was then passed along to the Delaware U.S. attorney’s office. It’s a tangled web of deceit, and Weiss may not have even known the truth behind the evidence.

These revelations raise serious questions about Weiss’s staff and whether they informed him of the CHS’s reporting on the alleged bribes paid by Burisma to Hunter Biden and even Joe Biden. Did Weiss turn a blind eye to this crucial information? And what about Weiss’s top Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf, who later tried to give Hunter Biden a sweetheart deal? That’s the kind of thing that smells fishier than a run-down seafood market in the middle of July.

But let’s not forget the real culprits in all of this: the top Democrats who perpetuated the false narrative about Giuliani’s involvement. They wanted to bury the truth and distract from Hunter Biden’s wrongdoings. It’s classic misdirection, like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. But this isn’t a magic show; it’s the American people’s lives and livelihoods at stake.

In the end, it’s clear that the lies and deception surrounding the investigation into Hunter Biden are a direct attack on conservatism. The liberal media, with their biased reporting, and their allies in the Democratic party will stop at nothing to protect one of their own. But we won’t be fooled. We will continue to fight for the truth and hold those responsible accountable. The American people deserve nothing less.

Written by Staff Reports

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