FBI’s “Eye of Sauron” on You: Chilling Truth Behind Public Surveillance

On Wednesday, during a House Intelligence hearing, the Weaponization subcommittee investigated alleged governmental abuses of authority. The hearing was remarkably calm and cordial, a stark contrast to the usual fireworks that are seen in such hearings. However, Wyoming Congresswoman Harriet Hageman made an ominous observation that the “eye of Sauron” has been turned on the American people, referring to the FBI. Recent revelations about the FBI’s focus and tactics make it hard to dismiss Hageman’s words as mere hyperbole. In fact, given what we’ve learned about the agency’s activities over the years, it is not far-fetched to say that the American people should be frightened.

It is concerning to see such a large number of young people in America that favor the notion of the government installing surveillance cameras in every household. The Cato Institute found that three in 10 Americans under 30 support the idea of government surveillance, not just in public places but in homes too, all in the guise of reducing domestic violence, abuse, and other illegal activity. This alarming trend is worrisome, as it indicates that far too many people are all too willing to hand over the entire armory to the government and allow it to run amok.

It is no wonder that the federal government generally enjoys greater power each year than the one before it. Just recently, we had to establish a congressional subcommittee to monitor the FBI’s actions. It is all too concerning to see that many young Americans support increased government surveillance into their own homes, and it seems like the government is willing to take advantage of this attitude. The government shouldn’t have such power over its citizens; instead, it should be limited. People often forget that it is we, the people, who should have the power in this country, not the other way around.

Written by Staff Reports

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