Finish The Wall! Will New GOP Bill Save America From Biden’s Border Crisis?

Republican Senator Joni Ernst from Iowa is taking matters into her own hands and has decided to introduce a new bill called BUILD IT Act. The bill will give states the ability to request materials from the federal government to help finish the building of the much-needed southern border wall. This comes after states like Arizona and Texas stepped up to finish the wall themselves, but lacked the necessary materials.

The legislation will require the federal government to transfer any material associated with the southern border barrier’s construction to any state upon request for the materials’ original purpose. Senator Ernst criticizes President Biden’s failure to secure the border as the reason for an upcoming catastrophe. She accuses his administration of leaving materials to accumulate dust and wasting taxpayer money by canceling border wall projects, leading to an unprecedented flow of illegal migrants.

According to the Senator, President Biden has a simple solution. Stop the waste of taxpayers’ money, put the border materials to good use and end the massive flow of illegal immigrants by finishing the wall. It is time to stop playing politics and get back to securing our border.

The Biden administration’s record of ending the Title 42 policy has also added to the chaos as DHS will no longer be able to rapidly expel migrants on public health grounds. In 2021 alone, border agents faced an all-time high of two million migrants at the US-Mexico border. Moreover, they seized over $3.31 billion in counterfeit goods, approximately 319,000 pounds of marijuana, 190,000 pounds of methamphetamine, and over 97,000 pounds of cocaine.

President Biden’s executive order to stop construction of the border wall in January 2021 was a complete disaster, but luckily for Americans, Senator Ernst has a new plan. Her bill called BUILD IT Act, if signed into law, would allow states to have the necessary materials to continue building the wall and help end the crisis created by President Biden’s reckless and devastating executive order. The Southern Border cannot wait.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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