Florida GOP Rep accused of slapping aide at DeSantis’ inauguration party

Allegations have surfaced against Republican Florida Representative Fabian Basabe, accusing him of physically assaulting his 25-year-old aide, Nicolas Frevola. The incident is said to have taken place at a reception held by a Tallahassee lobbying firm following the inauguration of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in January. Frevola claimed that Basabe had been drinking before the incident and slapped him across the face. Furthermore, Frevola alleged that Basabe then made him stand in a corner, causing him to feel humiliated and comply with his request. These accusations have been reported by CBS News.

According to Frevola, he refrained from speaking out about the incident at the time because he was uncertain about his ability to do so. Frevola also claimed that Basabe mandated that his staff sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). CBS Miami conducted an investigation to determine whether other Florida lawmakers have required their employees to sign NDAs, but no evidence was found to support this assertion.

As per CBS, Frevola lodged a complaint with Human Resources and informed a senior elected official about the alleged incident in early April. On the other hand, Basabe refuted the accusation, stating that he had no recollection of the incident, and was unaware of any inquiry into his alleged behavior. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Florida House Speaker Paul Renner stated that they were investigating the matter and would not offer additional comments until all the facts were gathered.

In addition, Basabe claimed that Frevola engaged in inappropriate behavior with another woman, specifically a separate incident involving Republican Florida Representative Carolina Amesty in August 2022. Amesty alleged that Frevola tried to hit her with a vehicle while she was competing against Frevola's mother, Janet Frevola. Frevola, when confronted in a meeting with Amesty in December, refuted the allegations. An independent counsel is currently investigating both incidents.

During an interview with CBS Miami, Representative Basabe seemed to address Frevola directly and implied that the allegations may have been an attempt to defame him. Basabe indicated that although he was not very familiar with Frevola, he had given him an opportunity and that Frevola was committed to serving the community. Basabe also suggested that the accusations could be a ploy to gain control of his seat, which holds significant financial value.

It is important to note that this is a developing story, and more details may emerge in the future. Nonetheless, it is concerning that Representative Basabe would allegedly slap his aide, and the investigation should be taken seriously. It is also important to remember that NDAs should not be used to silence individuals who may have experienced harassment or assault.

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