McCarthy Drops The Hammer On Biden’s Reckless Spending & Debt Ceiling Failure

Republicans have been warning about the upcoming debt ceiling showdown and criticizing President Joe Biden’s lack of action to find a solution. Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), spoke at the New York Stock Exchange on Monday morning, laying out the dire economic situation that Americans face as a result of the “reckless government spending” of Biden and the Democrats in Congress.

McCarthy emphasized that Biden’s policies have led to record inflation, supply chain shortages, instability in the banking system, rising interest rates, and uncertainty in the economy. Despite these concerns, the White House has remained silent on the issue, and there has been no negotiation or compromise from the president.

McCarthy accused Biden of misleading the public and evading the debt ceiling debate, which directly affects the lives of every American. He noted that Biden’s current inaction is in sharp contrast to his previous words as a senator, emphasizing that a leader cannot govern without negotiation.

The House Speaker called for more lawmakers and economic leaders to join Republicans in demanding a reasonable negotiation from the White House. McCarthy emphasized that defaulting on debt is not an option, but neither is the tax-and-spend norm established by Biden.

The House GOP’s plan to avoid a default includes raising the debt limit, limiting spending, “clawing back” wasteful programs, and growing the economy to stop China dependency. McCarthy warns that the no-strings-attached debt limit increase will not pass, and House Republicans will take action to limit federal spending, save taxpayer money, grow the economy, and protect Social Security and Medicare.

In conclusion, McCarthy called on Biden to show leadership and a willingness to find a compromise rather than playing partisan political games that will harm the American people. The House Speaker affirmed his confidence that Republicans could deliver the future Americans want, need, and deserve by limiting federal spending and growing the economy.

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