Legal Experts DISMANTLE The Trump Witch-Hunt Allegations

Legal experts and former prosecutors are expressing their disdain for the ongoing witch hunt against former President Donald Trump by the Manhattan district attorney’s office. With no legitimate evidence, the district attorney’s office is grasping at straws and pushing for criminal charges against Trump and his business associates.

Former assistant district attorney Daniel Bibb, who spent more than two decades trying murder cases in Manhattan, confirmed that “If it wasn’t Donald Trump, no prosecutor in the world would have touched this. If you and I did what Trump did, we never would have been charged.” The district attorney’s office is clearly biased and targeting Trump because of their political agenda, not because of any legitimate crime.

The investigation has raised concerns about the credibility of the criminal justice system, particularly if charges are brought against a former president and current presidential candidate. It’s not a secret that the left is determined to silence any conservative voices, even if it means disregarding fair justice. Legal experts like former Manhattan prosecutor turned criminal defense lawyer Mark Bederow share this concern, expressing that it is crucial to present a clear and cogent explanation of the district attorney’s theory instead of simply saying “I don’t have to tell you.”

Despite these concerns, some experts believe that the investigation may result in criminal charges against Trump or his business associates. However, with no clear evidence and a biased district attorney’s office, it seems unlikely that justice will truly be served. The investigation has been a source of controversy since it began, with Trump repeatedly denying any wrongdoing.

The outcome of the investigation could have significant implications for the future of American politics. The left is clearly attempting to take down conservatives by any means necessary, but true patriots will not allow this to happen. Republicans must stand strong and fight back against these baseless attacks on our democracy. If they come at the king, they best not miss.

Written by Staff Reports

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