Transgender teacher threatens school shooting – parents outraged

The Florida Department of Education has released a statement regarding the transgender teacher accused of threatening to shoot up a middle school in Florida. Alexander Renczkowski, the teacher in question, is currently undergoing a sex change from male to female, and is accused of making the threats back in March. The incident was reported by Fox Chapel Middle School more than a week later but parents were left in the dark.

An investigation conducted by the local Sheriff’s office “revealed that no criminal offense(s) occurred; therefore, no arrest(s) could be made,” leading to a lot of outrage in the community. Parents were angry that they were kept in the dark while their children were potentially in danger just because the teacher in question was undergoing a sex change.

The conservative commentator pointed out that it was “scary and comical” that the school board is only finding out more details about the incident after the removal of the teacher. It appears that the only thing that changed is that the public is now aware of the incident and the district is scrambling to make themselves look better. It’s shocking how a teacher threatening to harm children was brushed under the rug because of their status as a transgender individual.

This kind of thought is what’s wrong with the liberal narrative that is trying to infiltrate our children’s schools. They are putting their agenda ahead of the safety of our children, and it’s up to us to stop them from ruining our schools. The fact that this teacher was allowed near children despite making serious threats is unacceptable. The district needs to be held accountable for their actions and changes need to be made to ensure this type of situation can never happen again.

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