Fox News Exposes Biden’s Dictator Dreams Amid Liberal Media Lies

Fox News makes yet another explosive entrance into the liberal-dominated media scene as they aired a chyron last night calling President Biden a “wannabe dictator” while footage was showing Donald Trump speaking to a crowd in New Jersey. It’s about time someone in the media had the guts to call Joe Biden out on his blatant acts of tyranny.

During his rally in Bedminster, New Jersey, former President Trump lashed out on the hypocrisy of the recent indictments, declaring that past Democrats including presidential candidates have gotten away with mishandling classified information. Instead, the government and media gave them book deals and contracts. But Trump, someone who has worked hard for this nation, gets hit with indictments. It’s unfortunate that these indictments may weigh down on the GOP ticket in 2024, but that is a debate to have another day.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, was hosting a Juneteenth event at the White House while Trump was making his speech. The contrast was apparent, with Trump’s passion and dedication to America and Biden’s feigned attempts to “promote unity and equality.” Yet, while the mainstream media would have us believe that Biden is entirely innocent and Trump is the villain, Fox News has caught on to Biden’s schemes.

The chyron, “Wannabe dictator speaks at the White House after having his political rival arrested”, rightfully points out that Joe Biden is no innocent party. The liberal media may be eating this up, but it’s time for someone to tell the truth about Joe Biden’s power-hungry tactics. Fox News has gotten some backlash for the chyron, and it has since been taken down. However, Fox News is standing by the message and the truth it displays.

This chyron was on air for 27 seconds, and those 27 seconds were golden. With Fox News, we finally get a truthful and straightforward assessment of what’s going on in America. It’s time for the mainstream media to start taking Biden’s tyranny seriously, and Fox News did just that with this chyron. It’s a refreshing change from the constant liberal propaganda we see in other news outlets.

Written by Staff Reports

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