Teachers Union Pushes LGBTQ Agenda Over Test Scores: The Shocking Toolkit Revealed

The National Education Association (NEA), the largest teachers union in the US, has released a new toolkit for educators that aims to guide teachers on how to approach LGBTQ+ topics with their pupils. The toolkit, called “Defending the Freedom of our LGBTQ+ Students to be Themselves,” provides guides for addressing students by their chosen pronouns, LGBTQ+ book recommendations, and art that can be used as a “tool for change.”

However, conservative sources have criticized the toolkit for promoting a political agenda rather than focusing on improving student achievement and test scores. The NEA’s Pronoun Guide document suggests getting out of the habit of assuming pronouns and using gender-neutral options, including “they/them/theirs,” “ze/zim/zir/zirs/zirself/zay,” and plural pronouns.

In recent years, the NEA and other teachers’ unions have released materials on sexual orientation and gender identity, prompting conservative backlash. Last fall, Townhall revealed that the NEA had equipped teachers in Ohio with QR-code badges that directed students to how-to guides promoting “non-binary” gender identities and “queer sex.”

While the NEA’s new toolkit aims to promote inclusivity, conservative sources argue that it is promoting controversial ideas about sex and gender instead of focusing on improving student achievement and test scores.

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