Gaetz Defiant Amid Left’s Smear Crusade in Bogus Subpoena Sham

Oh, the saga of Rep. Matt Gaetz. The drama continues to unfold as the liberal left tries to take down a strong, conservative voice in Congress. In a stunning turn of events, Gaetz has been served with a subpoena to give a deposition in a frivolous lawsuit filed by a former friend who is clearly just out for blood.

This former friend, Chris Dorworth, has concocted a wild tale of being harmed by a Department of Justice investigation into allegations that Gaetz engaged in inappropriate behavior with a minor. It’s important to note that Gaetz is not a plaintiff or a defendant in this desperate lawsuit, but that hasn’t stopped Dorworth from trying to drag him into the mud.

Of course, Gaetz has vehemently denied these baseless allegations and, what’s more, he was already cleared of any wrongdoing by the DOJ back in 2020. It seems like the truth just doesn’t matter to the left these days.

The lawsuit itself is a circus, listing Gaetz’s former ally Joel Greenberg as a defendant, along with an unnamed woman. Dorworth even has the audacity to claim that Greenberg and the woman tried to tarnish his reputation with wild accusations. But let’s not forget, Greenberg has already admitted to federal crimes related to sex trafficking and has been sentenced to 11 years in prison. It’s clear that Dorworth and his cronies have no shame in their attempts to bring down anyone associated with Rep. Gaetz.

So why has Gaetz been dragged into this mess? It seems that Greenberg and his associates are frantically trying to save themselves by dragging down anyone they can with baseless accusations. Dorworth claims that the subpoena of Gaetz is just a desperate ploy to help Greenberg reduce his prison sentence. It’s a sad and shameless abuse of power, and quite frankly, it’s a disgrace to the justice system.

Despite the left’s relentless attacks, the truth will prevail. Gaetz has already been cleared by the DOJ, and it’s clear that this ridiculous lawsuit is nothing but a desperate attempt to smear his name. In the face of these outrageous tactics, one can only hope that Gaetz will stand strong and refuse to comply with this absurd subpoena. The left may try to silence him, but they will never succeed in silencing the voice of a true conservative warrior.

Written by Staff Reports

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