Biden’s Betrayal: Puts Politics Over Steelworker Jobs!

President Joe Biden has once again proven that he cares more about playing politics than looking out for hardworking American steelworkers. As he journeyed from one battleground state to another, he couldn’t resist taking a swing at the sale of U.S. Steel to a foreign company. The president’s opposition to the sale of this iconic American steel company to a Japanese competitor sends a clear message that he’s more interested in pandering to his political base than in supporting American businesses and workers.

While Biden claims to have the backs of American steelworkers, his actions speak louder than his words. His public display of opposition to the sale, which is currently under review, is nothing more than political grandstanding. Joe “Empty Promises” Biden made sure to broadcast his stance as he hopped from Wisconsin to Michigan, two states with strong ties to manufacturing that he managed to flip in 2020. It’s evident that he’s more concerned with winning votes than with making decisions that benefit American workers and businesses.

Not content with simply making a statement, President Biden also made a point to call United Steelworkers International President David McCall to reiterate his so-called support for the steelworkers. But it’s clear that Biden’s concern for American steelworkers is about as authentic as a designer knockoff handbag. His latest move is a transparent attempt to steal a play from the Trump playbook and appeal to union workers, whom he’s desperate to keep in his camp for the upcoming elections.

This attack on the sale of U.S. Steel to a foreign competitor is just another piece of Biden’s puzzle of empty promises. While he continues to claim that he is pro-worker and pro-American manufacturing, his actions tell a different story. Let’s not forget that “Sleepy Joe” has a history of supporting disastrous trade deals that have hurt American workers. His lip service to American manufacturing is as hollow as a chocolate bunny on Easter Sunday.

And if that weren’t enough, Biden’s latest move puts him in alignment with none other than his predecessor, Donald J. Trump. Yes, you heard that right! The very same Trump that Biden and his cronies spent four years vilifying is now the role model for his political posturing. It’s a classic case of “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” and a painfully obvious attempt to win over union households with a watered-down version of Trump’s pro-America rhetoric.

This devious behavior doesn’t sit well with the principles of the Republican Party, either. Biden’s decision has even left the U.S. Chamber of Commerce shaking its head, cautioning against politicizing the sale of U.S. Steel. The warning from the Chamber makes it crystal clear that Biden’s antics could send a terrible message to international companies looking to invest in the U.S. As if American businesses needed another reason to doubt Biden’s leadership.

Make no mistake, folks. President Biden’s opposition to the sale of U.S. Steel to a foreign competitor is nothing more than a cynical ploy to win over union voters. It’s time for American workers to see through this charade and demand real action that supports American businesses and jobs. Rest assured, the conservative voices will continue to call out Biden’s hypocrisy and stand up for the hardworking men and women who keep this country running.

Written by Staff Reports

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