Geraldo’s Sour Grapes: Bashes Fox, Tucker, Vows to Stop Trump

Geraldo Rivera, the mustachioed newsman who was unceremoniously fired from Fox News, recently made an appearance on “The View” to air his grievances about his departure. Now, I know what you’re thinking: who cares what Geraldo has to say? But as the old Fox News slogan goes, “We report, you decide.”

According to Geraldo, his toxic relationship with one of the members of “The Five” led to his firing. He won’t name names, but based on his on-air clashes, it’s either Jesse Watters or Greg Gutfeld. I’m leaning towards Gutfeld because let’s face it, he’s the cooler one.

Geraldo also whined that his ideology didn’t fit in at Fox, which is a bit like saying a pineapple doesn’t fit in at a pizza party. Let’s be real, it was his own outlandish takes that made him better suited for the cackling hens on “The View” than the serious political discussions on “The Five.”

But the real kicker was when Geraldo took aim at Tucker Carlson, blaming him for daring to challenge the narrative of the Jan. 6 Committee. Rivera vowed to never forgive Tucker for questioning whether a few hundred unarmed protesters posed a legitimate threat to the most powerful government in the world. You’d think Geraldo would be more concerned about the actual dangerous threats out there, like the recent revolt of the Wagner Group in Russia. But no, he’s too busy playing the victim.

And let’s not forget, Geraldo also made it clear that he will dedicate the rest of his career to ensuring that Donald Trump never becomes president again. Talk about holding a grudge. Meanwhile, he conveniently turns a blind eye to the mounting corruption in the Biden administration. But I guess that’s to be expected from a biased liberal journalist.

As for his claims of a toxic relationship on “The Five,” Geraldo sounded like a snubbed schoolchild. He complained that he was always the one being treated unfairly in their disputes. Cry me a river, Geraldo. Maybe if you had better ideas and a more compelling perspective, people would actually want to listen to you.

All in all, Geraldo’s appearance on “The View” only served to further prove why he was let go from Fox. He’s become just another mindless liberal journalist spouting the same tired talking points. And seriously, can someone please give the guy a decent haircut? It’s a little distracting.

In conclusion, good riddance to Geraldo Rivera. Fox News made the right call in parting ways with him. Let him hang out with the ladies of “The View” and continue to spew his nonsense. The rest of us will be busy focusing on real news and real conservative voices.

Written by Staff Reports

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