FBI Grilling Exposes Anti-Catholic Bias: DOJ Double Standards Unmasked!

Folks, grab your popcorn because things got spicy during FBI Director Christopher Wray’s appearance before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. The committee addressed the shocking targeting of Catholics and pro-lifers, and let me tell you, sparks were flying!

Now, Wray did mention the FBI’s investigation into violence against pro-life facilities, but let’s not forget that it’s not his agency doing the targeting. It’s the Department of Justice (DOJ) that has been giving sweetheart deals to pro-abortion extremists. Talk about a double standard!

And if you thought that was bad, just wait until you hear about the sluggish response from the DOJ after the Dobbs v. Jackson decision. These justices were left unprotected, with protesters literally violating federal law by protesting outside their homes. Where’s the justice in that, DOJ?

But hold onto your seats, because the numbers don’t lie. According to the Family Research Council, a whopping 130 pro-life organizations have been targeted. And CatholicVote reports that over 300 Catholic Churches have been attacked. Meanwhile, there were only six incidents against the other side. It’s clear who the real victims are here.

CatholicVote’s President Brian Burch called out Wray’s delayed admission of the targeted attacks, saying, “It’s unclear why it took so long for the FBI to admit this obvious fact.” Well, Mr. Burch, it’s no surprise to us conservatives. We know the mainstream media and the deep state have been trying to sweep this under the rug.

But it’s not just about protecting pro-lifers and Catholic Churches. Chairman Jim Jordan revealed the FBI’s shocking memo about infiltrating traditional Catholics. Wray tried to downplay it, but the memo clearly stated that informants would be placed in churches. That’s a major violation of privacy and religious freedom!

And let’s not forget the raid on the home of Mark Houck, a pro-life activist who was later found not guilty. The FBI storming the house of an innocent man? That’s downright tyrannical! Wray can try to defend his agents all he wants, but we see through the lies.

Congressman Chip Roy had some choice words for Wray, calling out his weak leadership and demanding real action. And he’s right—words alone won’t cut it. We need real reforms in the FBI and DOJ to protect the American people from this weaponized government.

So, folks, it’s time for us conservatives to take action. We can’t let the FBI and DOJ continue to target pro-lifers and Catholics while turning a blind eye to violence from the other side. Let’s use the power of the purse and our voices in Congress to demand the justice and protection we deserve. It’s time to hold these agencies accountable and put an end to this madness!

Written by Staff Reports

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