Media Dodges RFK Jr., Favors Fart Jokes Over Real News

In a world where the media seems to have lost their marbles, it’s no surprise that they would dodge a man like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at their own peril. Just recently, at a press dinner in Manhattan, instead of asking Kennedy Jr. any substantial questions, one media outlet decided to highlight the absurdity of two old men arguing about climate change. Really? Is that the best they could do?

But let’s not forget the real news here. Buried deep within the story is the upcoming appearance of Kennedy Jr. before the House Judiciary Committee. This hearing is set to examine the weaponization of the federal government against the American people, the Missouri v. Biden case, and the collusion between Big Tech and out-of-control government agencies to silence speech. Now, you would think this would be the top story, but no, the media would rather focus on flatulence and profanity. Good job, guys.

It’s clear that the mainstream media has a narrative they want to push, and they will do anything to stick to it. And part of that narrative is painting RFK Jr. as a loon. They can’t handle someone who questions Big Pharma and their vaccination obsession. They can’t handle someone who dares to call out U.S. foreign policy and the West’s role in the Russia-Ukraine War. Kennedy Jr. believes in peace and taking a different path, but the media would rather label him a conspiracy theorist.

And let’s not forget Kennedy Jr.’s thoughts on the environment. He believes that climate change is being used to control us through fear, and that freedom and free markets are the solution to pollution. But of course, the media doesn’t want to hear any of that. They prefer to cover drunk old men yelling and farting. It’s clear that they are terrified of any alternative to Joe Biden, and they will do whatever it takes to keep that alternative hidden.

In the end, it’s the American people who suffer. We deserve better from the media. We deserve real news, not sensationalized gossip and biased narratives. It’s time for the media to step up their game and start prioritizing stories of substance. And if they continue to dodge Robert F. Kennedy Jr., they will only continue to lose credibility in the eyes of the conservative Republican readership.

Written by Staff Reports

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