Jake Tapper Attacks Hunter’s Baby Mama to Defend Bidens: Bias Exposed

CNN host Jake Tapper, in his typical liberal fashion, has once again shown his biased agenda by attempting to discredit the mother of Hunter Biden’s daughter. Apparently, according to Tapper, she has ties to some “far right folks.” It’s truly astonishing how the mainstream media will go to any lengths to protect the Biden family.

The discussion on CNN’s panel centered around Maureen Dowd’s recent column, which rightly called out President Joe Biden for neglecting Navy Joan, the daughter Hunter Biden refuses to acknowledge. Dowd pointed out that while Biden claims to be a wholesome family man, his actions speak otherwise. Hunter even had the audacity to put Navy’s mother on the payroll of his consulting firm as a personal assistant while she was pregnant. And if that wasn’t enough, he took away her health insurance just three months after Navy was born. What a stand-up guy!

However, instead of holding the Biden family accountable, former New York Congressman Max Rose (D) defended them, claiming that the president’s devotion to his son shouldn’t equate to disavowing Navy. While being a dedicated father is admirable, it doesn’t excuse neglecting an innocent child. But of course, the liberals will always find a way to justify their actions.

As if that wasn’t enough, Tapper felt the need to divert attention away from the real issue by bringing up Navy’s mother’s supposed associations with “far right folks.” Goodness gracious! Can the liberal media stoop any lower? They will do anything to distract from the truth and protect their beloved Biden family.

Dowd, in her column, rightly points out that the Bidens should embrace Navy and give her the love and support she deserves. But alas, it seems that the president’s supposed strong family values are merely a façade for political theater. Didn’t we see Biden using his grandfatherly love as a campaign tweet during the 2020 election? Talk about hypocrisy!

It’s clear that the liberal media, represented by Jake Tapper, will always go to great lengths to protect their chosen politicians. They will attack and discredit anyone who dares to shed light on the truth. But we conservatives won’t be fooled. We see through their biased agenda, and we will continue to demand accountability from the Biden family and the liberal media that enables them.

Written by Staff Reports

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