Biden Sweating as FBI Chief Hints at Ukraine Bribe Investigation

In a recent hearing at the House Judiciary Committee, FBI Director Chris Wray seemed to confirm that President Joe Biden is under investigation for accepting Ukrainian bribes. Republican Congressman Tom Tiffany asked Wray if Biden had ever received payments from Burisma or any other foreign companies while he was Vice President, President, or even as a private citizen. Wray responded by acknowledging that there is an ongoing investigation being conducted by the US Attorney in Delaware, Mr. Weiss, who was appointed by former President Trump. He further stated that the Baltimore field office of the FBI is working in coordination with this investigation. When pressed for more details, Wray refused to confirm or deny whether Biden is under investigation.

Now, anyone with half a brain can see that Wray’s response is a clear admission that Biden is being looked into by the FBI. But of course, the liberal media is conveniently ignoring this bombshell revelation. Why isn’t this front-page news? Oh, that’s right, they’re too busy protecting their precious Biden.

To add fuel to the fire, an executive from Burisma reportedly told the FBI that they had to pay a whopping $5 million for each Biden. That’s $10 million in total! The corruption runs deep, folks. But will the mainstream media ever report on it? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

During the same hearing, Representative Matt Gaetz unleashed a fiery tirade against Director Wray, exposing the alleged two-tiered justice system in America and the weaponization of federal law enforcement against conservatives. Gaetz even brought up a WhatsApp message allegedly sent by Hunter Biden, in which he demanded money from a Chinese business contact while invoking his father’s name. Talk about a shakedown! But did Wray show any curiosity or concern? Nope, he conveniently dodged the question. It’s almost like he’s protecting the Bidens. How suspicious.

This is yet another example of the deep-rooted corruption in our government and the media’s complicity in covering it up. It’s about time the American people demand accountability and transparency from those in power. The Bidens can’t hide from the truth forever, and it’s our duty to ensure they face the consequences of their actions. Stay tuned, folks, because this story is far from over.

Written by Staff Reports

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