GOP Civil War? Hardliners Eye Speaker Ouster Amid Spending Spat!

Republicans in the House of Representatives are dealing with some drama after Speaker Mike Johnson reached a spending agreement with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. One hardline Republican is even considering the idea of booting Johnson from his position. But others are hesitant, given the chaos that erupted the last time a speaker was ousted.

With the GOP’s House majority getting smaller and the Democrats controlling the Senate and the White House, Rep. Mike Simpson of Idaho pointed out the tough situation Johnson was in, saying, “I don’t know what he would have done differently. He handled the cards he was dealt.”

But some hardliners, like Rep. Chip Roy of Texas, are making waves by refusing to rule out the possibility of removing Johnson from his role, despite him only being in the job for a short 77 days. However, not many others are jumping on board with this idea.

Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona claimed to be indifferent about potentially ousting Johnson, saying, “I’m not encouraging or participating in that.” Another Republican, Rep. Ralph Norman of South Carolina, also shut down rumors of removing Johnson, urging patience and stating, “Mike hasn’t had time. He’s a good man, he’s honest. We’re just going to have to work through this.”

Despite the upcoming funding deadline on Jan. 19, the Republicans seem to be divided on whether to show Johnson the door. The tension is palpable, and it looks like the House could be in for a bumpy ride as they navigate these choppy political waters.

Written by Staff Reports

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