Elderly Biden Spooks Nation with ‘Ghost Stories’: CNN Guest Exposes Truth

President Joe Biden and his team are struggling to gain traction with their economic agenda, resorting to desperate measures to divert attention from their lack of progress. Despite touting positive job numbers, Americans are not fooled into believing that the natural rebound from COVID lockdowns equates to a true economic recovery. The concept of “Bidenomics” has become a punchline rather than a serious policy platform. Biden’s promise to return to normalcy has fallen flat, and even his attempts to remind Americans of past victories, such as the capture of Osama bin Laden, only serve as a bitter reminder of the past.

In a recent speech in Pennsylvania, Biden once again used the January 6th Capitol incident to rally his base, claiming that “Democracy Is on the Ballot™.” He accused former President Trump of rewriting the facts about the incident and attempting to steal history just as he allegedly tried to steal the election. Biden went as far as to label the Capitol rioters as “insurrectionists” and “destroyers of the Constitution.” However, it is worth noting that Trump has not been charged with inciting insurrection, and these claims are largely limited to Democratic strongholds.

It is clear that Biden’s focus on the past and his attempts to paint Trump as a threat to democracy are nothing more than a distraction. Republican strategist Brad Todd aptly described Biden’s speeches as “ghost stories” meant to scare the kids. Rather than address the current state of the country and present a vision for the future, Biden continues to campaign against Trump, a strategy that is unlikely to resonate with voters. As the 2024 presidential race approaches, Biden’s chances seem to be diminishing, and repeating false narratives from the past will not help his cause. It’s time for Biden to offer real solutions and move forward, rather than dwelling on the past that cannot be changed.

Written by Staff Reports

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