GOP Megadonor Dumps Trump For 2024 Race

Peter Thiel, the founder of PayPal and GOP mega-donor, has decided to leave former President Donald Trump behind and is all set to support Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for the upcoming presidential race. In true Thiel fashion, he recently shared his advice with DeSantis on the economy, saying that focusing too much on issues of “wokeness” may come at the cost of pressing issues, such as the skyrocketing cost of rents and housing across the country. Thiel believes this is a much harder problem to solve, and he has no idea how to solve it.

DeSantis has been officially nominated for the GOP’s nominating contest, and thanks to Thiel’s generosity, the governor can now count on his financial support. It should be noted that Thiel gave $1.25 million to Trump’s 2016 campaign and spoke on his behalf at the Republican National Convention. Still, in 2020, he walked away from politics and did not provide support to President Trump’s reelection campaign. However, in 2022, he returned with a bang, donating $35 million to Republican candidates nationwide, solidifying his place as one of the GOP’s largest donors.

Thiel’s disapproval of the GOP’s culture wars is no secret, and he has vowed not to donate any money to Republican candidates in 2024 as a result. Instead, he wants candidates to focus on bolstering U.S. innovation while preventing competition from China and other foreign nations.

The eccentric PayPal founder’s net worth currently stands at a staggering $4 billion, according to Forbes. With his unquestionable wealth and a reputation of being a staunch GOP supporter, it is evident that Thiel’s support for DeSantis’s campaign will not go unnoticed in political circles, and we can expect to see the governor making some big strides as he approaches the presidential race.

Source: Trending Politics

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