Liberal Media’s Latest Attack: Smearing Tucker Carlson for Harmless Joke at Work

Another leak exposes the liberal media’s desperate attempt to bring down conservative voices. Tucker Carlson, former Fox News host, was recorded by Media Matters joking around with his colleagues. In the video, Carlson light-heartedly asks if women actually powder their noses in the restrooms, to which a make-up artist jovially responds, “sometimes.” Carlson then jokingly asked if pillow fights ever break out.

While conservatives found the video to be humorous, liberals found a way to spin it into something entirely different. The liberal watchdog group, Media Matters, previously published several leaked videos of Carlson’s off-air comments in a desperate attempt to smear his reputation. They allege that he made “creepy” comments on set.

Theories are being thrown around as to why Carlson was suddenly fires, including the Dominion lawsuit revealing his misogynistic off-air comments and a discrimination lawsuit from a former Carlson producer alleging that her workplace was misogynistic. It seems like the left is trying to smear Tucker Carlson’s name in any way possible because they know he’s a powerful conservative voice, and they can’t handle anyone with an opposing opinion.

Despite the hype surrounding the leaks, all this shows is just how much of a sense of humor Carlson has. In another leaked video, Carlson pokes fun at former colleague Bill O’Reilly’s infamous “We’ll do it live!” outburst during a show taping. These videos prove that Carlson is just a regular person who jokes around with his colleagues, and yet the liberal media is trying to turn him into some sort of monster.

Written by Staff Reports

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