GOP Slams Biden for Ignoring Border Crisis in Opioid Fight

GOP representatives are not pulling any punches in their criticism of the Biden Administration’s approach to tackling the opioid crisis. Treasury Secretary Yellen took to Fox News to boast about the decline in fentanyl overdoses, conveniently giving credit to the administration’s negotiations with China while conveniently ignoring the gaping hole in our border security that allows the opioid trade to thrive.

Members of the congressional Fentanyl Policy Working Group, made up of GOP lawmakers, were quick to call out the Biden team’s failure to address the role of the unsecured border in fueling the opioid epidemic. Representative Michelle Steel from California lambasted Biden for not taking border security seriously and allowing the influx of fentanyl into the country.

Representative Dan Newhouse of Washington echoed the sentiment, pointing out the administration’s lack of action in curbing drug trafficking across the border. Yellen’s insistence on focusing solely on international efforts to combat fentanyl production abroad falls short in addressing the urgent need for border security to stem the flow of opioids into our communities.

The Select Committee, under the leadership of Representative John Moolenaar, has raised concerns about the Chinese Communist Party’s involvement in fueling the fentanyl crisis. The CCP’s subsidization of drug production and distribution, coupled with lax prosecution of offenders, continues to contribute to the surge in opioid-related deaths in the U.S.

Despite the Biden Administration’s claims of progress through negotiations with China, reports from government agencies reveal a stark reality on the ground. Fentanyl seizures are on the rise, with alarming spikes in opioid-related deaths across various states, including a projected increase in accidental overdoses in San Francisco.

While Secretary Yellen touts her talks with China as a solution, the on-ground impact paints a different picture. Border seizures and overdose deaths remain stubbornly high, indicating a pressing need for a comprehensive approach that includes securing the border, cracking down on money laundering, and imposing stricter penalties on fentanyl traffickers. The true extent of the crisis demands more than just rhetoric and international diplomacy; it requires concrete actions to protect American lives.

Written by Staff Reports

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