White House Defends Biden Amid Claims of Media Manufactured Fake Videos

Karine Jean-Pierre has gotten herself into quite the rhetorical knot, folks. On Tuesday, while addressing reporters at the White House, she doubled down—and then some—on her laughable claims that right-wing media is behind a series of “cheap fakes” meant to portray President Joe Biden as doddering, confused, and barely able to string a sentence together. Let’s clear something up: these videos supposedly depicting Biden’s frailty? Yeah, they’re pretty much indistinguishable from his actual public appearances. Remember the first presidential debate with former President Donald Trump in Atlanta? That was a masterclass in how not to exude confidence and clarity.

In a saga that keeps getting more comical, Jean-Pierre didn’t hesitate for a second when asked if she regretted her comments. Her response was essentially a flat “Not at all,” further entrenching the White House in this desperate narrative. To add to the farce, she even went so far as to thank her media pals for coming up with the “cheap fakes” terminology. It’s like an echo chamber of denial where they all pat themselves on the back for gaslighting the American public.

The White House’s disdain for these so-called “right-wing critics” and their incriminating videos sends a loud and clear message: they’re terrified. After all, when hundreds of videos showing the same behavior pile up over the years, it isn’t exactly surprising that people start questioning Biden’s mental and physical fitness. But no, in the parallel universe Jean-Pierre inhabits, these are all just bad faith attempts to mislead the public. Hilarious, isn’t it?

Let’s talk about the “cheap fakes” bit for a second. The videos in question aren’t deepfakes or doctored clips; they’re genuine snippets of Biden stumbling over words, wandering off stage, and generally looking lost. You’d think they stumbled upon a treasure trove of excellent acting, but no, this is our commander-in-chief just being his usual self. Jean-Pierre’s absurd explanations only serve to spotlight the uncomfortable truth: Biden’s age and faculties are fair game for scrutiny.

And what about that media “veil of secrecy”? Apparently, penetrating it to verify Biden’s state is just too darn difficult. If it weren’t so pitiful, it would be laugh-inducing. The media, who are often caught playing defense for the administration, seem genuinely blindsided by all these clips. It’s almost as if they’ve never watched the man fumble through a speech or misidentify his own Vice President before. Grasping at straws is an understatement; they’re practically building a straw mansion.

Written by Staff Reports

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