Gov. Abbott Shares EPIC Video Of Texas Building Their Own Border Wall

Despite the efforts of Texas Governor Greg Abbott to secure the state's border with Mexico, the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border has continued to increase.

On Sunday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott posted a video on his Twitter page showing the construction of a border wall.

In June 2021, Abbott announced that the state would be taking the necessary steps to expand the border wall. This move came after he unveiled a comprehensive strategy to address the growing number of illegal immigrants entering the country. Despite the state's efforts, the border security plan has not been able to prevent the invasion of people.

After months of negotiations with the private property owners, the state resumed the construction of the border wall in December.

In his Twitter post, Abbott noted that the border wall would be starting to be constructed next month. He also said that the state would be building more barriers throughout the year.

There are two sections of the wall now contracted to be built.

During a press briefing last week, Abbott announced the appointment of a border czar, who would be responsible for coordinating the state's efforts to address the increasing number of illegal immigrants entering the country.

The first contract for the border wall was awarded to a construction company known as Southwest Valley Constructor Co. The project, which is expected to cost around $167 million, will involve the construction of a seven-mile border fence in Del Rio. Another contract was also signed with a construction firm known as BFBC of Texas for the construction of a different seven-mile barrier in the Rio Grande valley.

Mike Banks, a former US Border Patrol agent, was reportedly selected to be the border czar. He had been with the agency for over 23 years.

In an interview, the construction firm's owner said that he was honored to be selected by Abbott to be part of the border wall project. He noted that the governor was committed to securing the state's border.

And still, they keep coming — from all over the world:

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