Green Extremists Pull Strings on Biden: Say Goodbye to Gulf Drilling!

President Biden gave in to pressure from environmental groups calling for stricter regulations on offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. In a settlement reached on Friday, Biden agreed to exclude 11 million acres of the oil-rich gulf from future lease sales. While environmentalists are celebrating this as a victory for marine life and conservation, critics argue that it puts the country’s energy security at risk.

The Sierra Club, along with other environmental groups such as The Center for Biological Diversity, Friends of the Earth, and Turtle Island Restoration Network, sued the federal government last year over its assessment of the environmental impact of future oil and gas activity in the Gulf. They claimed that the previous assessment did not adequately protect endangered marine species. With Biden now in power, the government has agreed to create a new assessment.

Under the settlement, oil and gas vessels will be subjected to strict speed limits to protect an endangered species of whale. Additionally, Biden agreed to ban future lease sales in a specific area of the northern Gulf. However, industry groups, including the American Petroleum Institute and the National Ocean Industries Association, argue that these restrictions severely hinder America’s ability to produce energy and harm the nation’s energy independence.

This settlement is another example of Biden’s prioritization of climate concerns over the country’s energy needs. His recent rule raising the cost of drilling on public lands further demonstrates this bias. While environmentalists may be pleased with these actions, it is important to consider the potential negative consequences for our economy and energy sector.

Written by Staff Reports

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