Trump Adviser Crushes DeSantis’s 2024 Dreams: Career Flatline?

In a recent statement, an adviser to former President Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign took a jab at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Jason Miller, senior adviser to Trump’s campaign, criticized DeSantis and suggested that he should drop out of the race if his goal is to help current President Joe Biden. Miller further stated that DeSantis’s current trajectory is detrimental to his political future, not only for the 2024 election but also for 2028.

The adviser’s comments were made in response to criticism that Rep. Byron Donalds, a black Republican member of Florida’s congressional delegation, received for his stance on Florida’s new teaching standards about African Americans and slavery. Donalds voiced his support for the standards overall but expressed concern about one particular line. He believed that highlighting the personal benefits of slavery was inappropriate and needed to be adjusted.

In response to Donalds’s remarks, allies of DeSantis defended the new curriculum and accused federal conservatives of spreading false narratives. Education Commissioner Manny Diaz, Jr. asserted that Florida would not shy away from teaching the “true history” of the nation. DeSantis’s press secretary, Jeremy Redfern, questioned Donalds’s political leanings, suggesting that he was aligned with the White House’s agenda.

Donalds, in turn, expressed confusion over the backlash he received, emphasizing that he largely agreed with the new teaching standards and only had an issue with one sentence. He denounced those who twisted his words for political gain and proudly mentioned his endorsement of Donald Trump.

As DeSantis prepares for the 2024 Republican primary, he has reportedly encountered difficulties gaining ground against Trump. Miller seized the opportunity to mock DeSantis’s campaign struggles and cast doubt on his prospects beyond 2024. He criticized DeSantis’s handling of the situation concerning Donalds and claimed that the governor’s downfall in popularity was unparalleled in presidential campaign history.

Overall, this story highlights the tense exchanges between members of the Republican Party regarding education standards and campaign strategies. It underscores the challenges that DeSantis faces as he navigates his presidential aspirations and tries to establish himself as a frontrunner.

Written by Staff Reports

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