Greg Gutfeld Named ‘New King’ – NFL Features Him in Super Bowl

On Super Bowl Sunday, Fox News will be showcasing one of its most popular hosts, Greg Gutfeld. The network will be promoting him as “the new king of late night” during a 15-second advertisement, in competition with well-known hosts such as Colbert, Fallon, and Kimmel. The commercial will feature Gutfeld dressed in a crown, cape, and scepter as he strides toward a throne located in a commercial studio.

The advertisement for Greg Gutfeld will also feature his French bulldog, Gus, dressed in a matching outfit, sitting dignifiedly next to the throne. Other members of the cast, including Kat Timpf and Tyrus, will also make an appearance in the commercial. Fox News will air a 20-second version of the commercial on its own network during the Super Bowl, making it the sole advertisement promoting a linear show during the big game.

The current season of Greg Gutfeld’s show “Gutfeld!” is in its fourth run and is leading the ratings in the 11 PM time slot. The show starts earlier compared to other late-night programs that commence at 11:30 PM and has surpassed the viewership of Fallon and Kimmel, with an average of 2.04 million viewers per night. In the final five months of 2022, Gutfeld outperformed Colbert, indicating that he is on the path to becoming the number one late-night host across all three networks in 2023.

The advertisement for Greg Gutfeld’s program “Gutfeld!” is expected to generate a lot of buzz during the upcoming Super Bowl. With its unique concept and an all-star cast, it is bound to draw interest to the show and its remarkable viewership numbers. Those who are fans of Gutfeld can anticipate witnessing him being crowned as the “late night king” in this year’s Super Bowl commercial.

The advertisement for “Gutfeld!” is anticipated to be a thrilling part of this year’s Super Bowl Sunday. With its unique idea and an all-star cast, it is bound to generate interest in the show and its noteworthy ratings. Fox News believes that the commercial will aid in establishing Gutfeld as the reigning “king of late night” among well-known figures such as Colbert, Fallon, and Kimmel.

The 11 p.m. timeslot has been dominated by the show since the start of its fourth season, which begins earlier than other late-night programs. With an average of 2.04 million viewers per night, it has outshone Fallon, Kimmel, and even Colbert in the last five months of 2022. This indicates that Gutfeld is poised to come out on top of all three network late-night competitors in 2023 for the entire year.

Fans of Greg Gutfeld can look forward to seeing him crowned as the “king of late night” during this year’s Super Bowl commercial. The advertisement is sure to be one of the most talked about ads during this year’s Super Bowl and will help promote Gutfeld’s show and its impressive ratings. Fox News is confident that this commercial will be a success and will help Gutfeld reach his goal of becoming the “king of late night”.

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