LOL: Biden Gives Us A Lecture On ‘Political Violence’

I don't have much of a reaction to the State of the Union Address by President Biden. It was full of familiar claims and anecdotes, and it was also very disorganized. It was delivered fairly well, though it lacked a cohesive theme.

The Biden grading curve is not very well. On the substance, some of his statements were good, some were misleading, some were objectionable, some were uplifting, some were downright dishonest, and some were petty and trivial.

Most of the speech will be forgotten by the time Friday rolls around. I could have done without the heckling and the jeering, even if the president used some of his points as an opportunity to make a few jokes. Also, for all of his usual talk about working together and uniting the country, the president's speech largely came from a guy who delivered an appalling speech a few months ago.

Republicans were not pleased with Biden's statement about the Republicans' support for cutting programs such as Medicare and Social Security as part of the negotiations over the debt ceiling. Kevin McCarthy, the House Speaker, has stated that such a proposal is off the table. Biden did not trick the Republicans into supporting his proposal.

He badly distorted the position of the opposing party, and he got raucously fact checked. He then claimed that the bipartisan agreement was a "win" because it would allow the country to avoid a debt default. I agree that using the debt limit as leverage for reforms is not the best idea.

Medicare and Social Security need reforming to ensure their solvency for the future. Unfortunately, the political climate in Washington is not conducive to making difficult compromises. Most Republicans are unwilling to talk about the issues that are affecting the programs.

Democrats are not only irresponsible, they are also dangerously out of control. It is possible that Washington will eventually come up with a solution to the debt issue in a clear-eyed manner, but it doesn't seem to be happening at the moment.

In his speech, Biden condemned political violence, and he focused on the incident involving Paul Pelosi, the husband of the former House speaker. He referred to it as right wing violence, which was allegedly fueled by election conspiracy theories.

The assailant who assaulted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reportedly been identified as an illegal immigrant who has a wide range of extreme left-wing beliefs. It is ridiculous to think that he is a partisan. His son stated that he is not a right-winger, and Biden tried to associate him with that label.

Biden also failed to address the issue of dangerous radicalism in his tribe. This was literally staring him right in the face.

According to my knowledge, the president has not condemned the assassination plot against Judge Michael Judge. The news media, which often focuses on attacks on democracy, did not even cover the incident. This type of hackery is just one of the reasons why the trust in the press has gone down to catastrophic lows.

If Biden had addressed the issue of dangerous radicalism, he would have condemned the threats against pro-life groups and churches.

According to the FBI Director, the majority of the violent incidents that have been reported in the abortion space are the actions of pro-abortion extremists.

In addition, Biden is the chairman of a party that refuses to dissociate itself from acts of terrorism. His House caucus voted against a resolution denouncing these types of threats last month. Members of his party also wore pins with an image of an abortion symbol.

If Biden had actually addressed the issue of political violence, he would have given a credible and authentic speech. Instead, he chose to avoid talking about the truth about his own coalition. This will not allow his message to resonate with the American people.

One more thing:

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Town Hall.

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