Harris Overlooked for Potential Biden Replacement Democrat Doubts Rise

The buzz around potential replacements for Joe Biden has been intense, with names like Gavin Newsom and Gretchen Whitmer thrown into the mix. Surprisingly, Vice President Kamala Harris has been largely overlooked in these discussions. Given the current political climate and the challenges facing the nation, one would expect the VP to be a natural choice for a presidential ticket shake-up. However, Harris’ lackluster performance and questionable leadership skills have left many on Capitol Hill and within the Democratic donor circles feeling uneasy.

Harris, who was chosen as Biden’s running mate for diversity optics rather than merit, has failed to inspire confidence in her ability to step into the presidential role if needed. The media’s attempts to paint her in a favorable light only serve to highlight the glaring weaknesses in her leadership. As political commentator Matt Stoller aptly pointed out, there is an “open secret” about Harris that is causing a wave of “anybody but Kamala” sentiment among Democrats.

From awkward debate responses to a general lack of substance in her tenure as VP, Harris has done little to prove her critics wrong. Democrats are facing the harsh reality that elevating Harris to the presidential nominee position may not be in their best interest. The reluctance to embrace Harris as a potential replacement underscores the doubts about her qualifications and effectiveness in a higher office, mirroring the skepticism surrounding Biden’s capabilities. 


The growing unease surrounding Harris’ suitability for higher office is a testament to the concerns conservatives have voiced about her from the beginning. As Democrats grapple with the prospect of a Biden replacement, they are coming to terms with the fact that Harris may not be the savior they hoped for. In the words of the infamous John McClane, “Welcome to the party, pal.”

Written by Staff Reports

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