Biden to Host UK PM Starmer in Liberal Agenda-Packed Meeting

In a move that will leave Americans shaking their heads, Joe Biden will host freshly minted UK Prime Minister Keir Starmer at the White House. Starmer, a shiny new figure from the illustrious Labour Party, secured a whopping 170-seat majority victory in the latest UK election. Doesn’t it just make sense that two floundering liberals would get together for a chat?

According to the White House, Biden will sit down with Prime Minister Starmer to discuss the oh-so-important “special relationship” between the United States and the United Kingdom. One can’t help but wonder if, by special relationship, they mean that both nations are floundering under questionable leadership. Biden can hardly keep his eyes open, and Starmer has a Labour Party track record that would make even the most seasoned leftist blush.

The agenda for the meeting has got a laundry list of liberal dreams. They’ll be talking about supporting Ukraine (because writing checks always works so well), advancing a free and open Indo-Pacific (whatever that means), hammering out a Gaza ceasefire (good luck), stopping Iran from getting nukes (the same way Obama did?) and dealing with Houthi rebels messing with commercial shipping. One can almost hear the collective eye-roll of every hard-working American dealing with real issues at home.

This grand meeting is also conveniently scheduled to coincide with the NATO Summit, which is another excuse for countless leaders to pat themselves on the back. Over 30 NATO leaders will gather in Washington, D.C.—perfect timing to clog up the city and discuss the “challenges facing the Alliance” and how to strengthen NATO. Translation: A whole lot of talk and not much action.

But let’s not forget the pièce de résistance. Biden and Starmer will also discuss the wonders of protecting advanced technologies and developing climate and clean energy solutions. Nothing screams out of touch liberal elite more than discussing “clean energy solutions” while Americans are crushed by rising gas prices and inflation.

Amid all this fanfare, there’s a looming reality that’s hard for Biden to dodge. He’s fighting for his political life as Democrats are signaling in every which way that they’d like him to step aside for someone—anyone—else in the 2024 race. But in a true display of tone-deaf determination, Biden plans to stick it out till the bitter end. Buckle up, America. The next few years are going to be a wild ride.

Written by Staff Reports

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