Michael Moore Urges Biden to Step Down Before 2024 Election

Hold the presses, folks. Another liberal heavyweight has thrown his hat—his beret—into the ring, urging President Biden to step off the political stage. Yes, the ever-dramatic Michael Moore has taken a break from his usual anti-capitalist rants to pen a heartfelt missive on his website, imploring Biden to call it quits before the 2024 election.

Moore, who always finds a way to stick his nose in political business, warns Biden not to let himself be pressured into another campaign. 
According to the filmmaker, our aging Commander-in-Chief deserves a rest, citing historical precedents where many past presidents haven’t seen their terms through to the end. While conservatives might argue that being a historically ineffective leader isn’t a solid reason to step down, Moore seems to think it’s Biden’s ticket to sainthood.

The filmmaker is apparently convinced that Vice President Kamala Harris is waiting in the wings like some political messiah. Moore expounds on how letting Harris take the reins would not only block Trump—whom we all know gives liberals nightmares—but also crown her as the first female president. Because nothing screams “doing the right thing,” like passing the baton to score identity politics points. Moore insists that every minute wasted is a minute that could be used to fight the rising tide of conservatism.

And if that wasn’t enough drama, Moore took to MSNBC to further expound on his theory of Democrat-endorsed elder abuse. Watching Biden on the debate stage was apparently akin to witnessing a family tragedy for Moore. He’s practically accusing the Democratic Party of neglect for allowing Biden to campaign in his current state. Having lost faith in the Democrats’ regard for the president’s health, Moore champions a full medical evaluation for Biden.

Moore can’t help but play both doctor and savior, stating that everyone can see something’s not right with Biden. He spins the situation into a grand moral dilemma as if choosing to run another term is a question of good versus evil. Moore’s plea to Biden is clear: let the doctors have their say and bow out gracefully.

Of course, conservatives might find this surprising coming from Moore, a guy who’d normally back radical leftist ideas rather than express public concern for a Democratic president’s well-being. Maybe even the liberal elite sees writing on the wall. Either way, Moore’s melodrama adds another twist to the Democrats’ ongoing circus act.

Written by Staff Reports

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