Harris Touts Border Fixes as Illegal Crossings Soar!

In a recent meeting with the president of Guatemala, Vice President Kamala Harris boasted about her administration’s efforts to tackle the root causes of migration in Central America. She claimed that the situations in these countries are getting better, even as illegal immigration into the United States continues to skyrocket. Harris went on to praise the Guatemalan president for his purported dedication to fighting corruption and assured him of the U.S.’s support following an election that she deemed “free and fair.”

Since assuming her role, Harris has made it her mission to address the root causes of migration from several Central American nations, including Guatemala. This initiative, however, has been ridiculed by Republicans, who have mockingly dubbed her the “border czar” due to the surge in illegal immigration under the Biden administration. The concept behind this strategy is to make Guatemala and other countries in the region more stable and prosperous in order to reduce the allure of illegal immigration. To achieve this, the White House intends to funnel $4 billion into the region over the span of four years.

During the meeting, Harris touted the administration’s long-term efforts to combat the root causes of migration, emphasizing the need for sustained development to address the complex issues that have plagued the region for years. She boasted about the supposed impact of their work, including the number of affected farmers, trained police officers, and supported activists. Additionally, Arevalo, the Guatemalan president, expressed his belief that U.S. support would foster democracy in his country, fortify public institutions, combat corruption, and bolster economic prosperity.

It is clear that Harris and Arevalo are in agreement about the necessity of their work in the region, with the Guatemalan president expressing gratitude for the initiatives led by the vice president. Unfortunately, the duo declined to take any questions following their statements, leaving many unanswered queries about their plans. While they are set to meet with private sector and civil society leaders, the event will be closed to the press, raising concerns about the transparency of their discussions.

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